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Klaus Mikaelson - episode 4x11



On the contrary, I find nastiness to be essential whenever my siblings try to sabotage me.

Best ep of season 4 so far <3


Elena Gilbert: “Tenetur per sanguinem” – “Bound by blood”

Damon Salvatore: “Sanguinis est reatus” – “Blood is guilt”

Stefan Salvatore: “Venit honos salutem” – “From honor comes salvation”

Niklaus Mikaelson: “Sanguis potestas est” – “Blood is power”

Bonnie Bennett: “Libera nos a mano” – “Deliver us from evil”

Caroline Forbes: “Amor est immolare.” – “Love is sacrifice.”

Tyler Lockwood: “Amor habet me.” – “Love possesses me.”

Jeremy Gilbert: “Sanguis est fatum” – “Blood is destiny”

Elijah Mikaelson: “Sanguis est in aeternum” – “Blood is forever”

Rebekah Mikaelson: “Osculum proditione mortiferum est” – “Betrayal’s kiss is deadly”

Do you know something Rebekah? You were right - I don’t care. From this moment on, you’re not my family. You’re not my sister. You are nothing.

Team Klaus &lt;3

Team Klaus <3